March 1st, 2017

So… it’s been a while.

It’s hard to come back from such a long absence. I feel like I should write a long, explanatory post about why I haven’t written in two and a half years, and why I’m writing again, and what’s changed. But that’s a lot of things, and they’re complicated.

The short version about why I’m writing now is that I’m copying a friend of mine from a few years ago, who gave up not writing for Lent. As in, it’s much easier not to write than to write, so she gave up doing what was easy. One wouldn’t think this would have much to do with me, since Mormons don’t do Lent—but I no longer affiliate with Mormonism. (It’s interesting that my last post was during those excruciating final months when I was trying oh my God so desperately to fit myself into Mormonism, and failing, and going home in tears every week after the first hour of Sunday meetings.) I still sing with a choir at an Episcopal church, however, and Episcopalians do Lent, so I kind of started doing it a couple of years ago with friends. But lately I’m not particularly devout and I have no idea what I believe, so I’m not keeping Lent as an act of devotion or contrition. Mostly it’s just as good an excuse as any to start writing again. I’m also using it as an excuse to get the h*ll off Facebook for a while, because Facebook was sucking away my time and making me nuts, yo.

So, yeah. One post every day from now until Easter. Most of them will probably be short. A couple of them might even be interesting. I hope.


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