Filling the measure of creation

September 26th, 2010

Sometimes parachutes get bored, all packed up in an enclosed space.

And jumpsuits (jump-suits) feel neglected just hanging there on a rack.

And experienced skydivers need to make new friends, so they want to take newbies on tandem jumps.

Feeling charitable yesterday morning, I enabled all three to accomplish their missions here on earth.

To wit:

Totally unrelated: This I got from pseudo-slacklining last Saturday:

I love having bruises; they make me feel like my life is much more interesting than it actually is. (My last really awesome bruise – it was way awesomer than this one – was, unfortunately, in an un-showable location.)

‘Tis interesting. It turns out that outdoorsy stuff is way fun when I’m relaxed and don’t feel like I should be doing something “more constructive.” And as long as I’ve been getting regular allergy shots.

One Response to “Filling the measure of creation”

  1. dave on September 27, 2010 7:18 am

    hey!!! maybe you should try off-roading!!

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