Essay: How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Really it’s a photo essay, as is probably already obvious.

So here I am all decked out in my late grandfather’s overalls, shirt, and gloves (and my grandmother’s socks), holding the gargantuan rake:

Leaves 007

(I’m TOTALLY posting this picture on LDS Mingle. Or I would, if I had an account on LDS Mingle. Which I don’t.)

As you can see from the piles behind me in the picture above, I had already been doing what’s in the picture below for quite a while:

Leaves 003

Then, the gathering and cramming into bags!

Leaves 014

Can you tell where I’ve been?

Leaves 001

Once one has bagged the leaves, one must carry the bags to a specified location:

Leaves 016

Forty-three bags in all. Thirty-five from today; eight from yesterday.

Leaves 020

My grandmother TOTALLY owes me. I mean, all she’s done is love me and help raise me for the past almost 34 years. And let me stay at her house and eat her food for free. And give me Christmas and birthday presents. And…

Scandinavia, part 2 (Norge)

More pictures from another beautiful, beautiful place:

Scandinavia, part 1 (Sverige)

Pictures from a beautiful, beautiful place: