So by far my favorite New Year’s Day tradition is the annual Polar Bear Plunge here in the (sometimes very cold) Northeast. This year’s Plunge rocked. It was relatively warm (temperatures in the 30s, I think, as opposed to last year’s 10°F) and I got my belovéd roommate C-t-P to document the experience on film:

C-t-P’s intrepid nephew and me properly dressed for the occasion:

C-t-P's interpid nephew and me dressed for the occasion

Going forth with faith:

Polar Bear Plunge 013

Enjoying a nice cool swim:

Polar Bear Plunge 015

Mission accomplished:

Polar Bear Plunge 016

So fun. SOOOOO fun. Pretty much the raddest thing that will happen to me this month, mebets. I honestly wanted to do it again right after I got out and I’m not sure why I didn’t. What is it about freezing cold water that I love so much?