More like this, please

Thinking about the great weekend I’ve had and what made it so. One thing was…

– The Easter party I had with my Primary class. We dyed eggs, ate kettle corn (compliments of JLM the Awesome*), played Simon Says, and had two Easter egg hunts, both outside in the yard, because of …

– The weather. Cerulean skies, warm temperatures, breezes that can best be described as pleasant in the most meaningful sense of that word. The perfect weather to sit outside on the patio listening to…

– General Conference. I love, love, love listening to the leaders of the Church and their inspired counsel. And I love that it’s possible to watch over the Internet, which also offers…

– NPR archives. JLM the Awesome and I sat cozily and, admittedly, nerdily (but blissfully!) listening to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me and This American Life after our…

– Easter dinner of roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy, all of which turned out deliciously delectable after I had called my…

– Mom. Because she knows how to make pretty much the awesomest roast beef dinners imaginable, and I don’t. Without her guidance the dinner might have turned out bland and tasteless, and that’s an insupportable waste of red meat.

Hooray, sunshine. Hooray, Easter. Hooray, life.

*See photograph, antepenultimate post. (dreamy sigh)




Carnivores, unite!

(Oh, wait – we don’t need to.)

(Unless you have gift certificates to Chuck-A-Rama.)

And this one has been on my to-post list for quite a while:

epic fail pictures
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A word to the wise:  Should you follow the suggestion above to “see more Epic Fails,” do not be surprised to find yourself still exploring the site a good hour and a half after you began (just one more… page. yeah. i can quit anytime.).