I’m an aunt! (as of three months ago now…)

Lots of things to write about, but I don’t feel like I can write about any of them until I’ve covered the most important thing to happen in the past few years, which is:

The birth of a nephew!

JLP was born May 16 and is the most freaking adorable little ball of pudge I’ve ever seen. I love his seriously chubby cheeks. The day after he was born I bought a plane ticket home for the next week, so I got to meet him when he was 10 days old, and all I did (or wanted to do) for the entire weekend was hold the baby. Even after he peed on me (four times; no diaper is a match for this super-soaker kid). Sigh. Suddenly I’ve become one of those annoying people who keeps showing others pictures of their small relatives, but I just can’t help it, you know?

Speaking of pictures:

A few hours old

(this is the one I printed and framed and set as my desktop wallpaper)

Where am I?

Why yes, we ARE both wearing Red Sox apparel.

These days JLP looks uncannily like my older brother as a baby–at least from the (far too few [hint hint]) pictures I’ve seen. It’s hard to not just buy plane tickets and fly down there; however, as this isn’t feasible at the moment I’ve contented myself with creating a line item in my monthly budget dedicated to spoiling him. He has to know who his favorite aunt is, after all. (Sorry, KLPH, it’s not gonna be you.)