Holy roller coaster

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve written, and that last post was definitely on the pained side, no? Life has been one hell of a roller coaster since then; one one hand, I went to the Holy Land (!!!); on the other, I’ve had to deal with a Roommate from Hell (hereafter RfH), and as I’m a sensitive sort of person these dealings have torn me from sleep with annoying frequency (when I’ve been able to get to sleep in the first place). But I’m currently investigating other housing options (one of my roommates is an absolute treasure, and I’m looking forward to living with her again once RfH moves out), so nightmare-free and uninterrupted sleep will hopefully return soon.

But first things first. LOOK AT THIS ADORABLENESS!!

Bebbeh J
The Cuteness of Bebbeh J

Do not adjust your screens, ladies and gentlemen–this picture is right side up. (I know–it took me a minute too.) Bebbeh J is merely enjoying the antics of his uncle MGP; check out how chill he is. “Nuthin’ much going on over here. Just my uncle holding me upside down. Got some pears? I loves me some pears.”

Upcoming posts will describe adventures in the Mediterranean (including the mentally unstable shrieking dude at the Garden Tomb), the trip home for Christmas (and the absolute joy of face-eating kisses from a seven-month-old), the travails of living with RfH (SRSLY?!), the Week of Four Trials in early December (really four and a half or five), and thoughts about developing a relationship with God (a.k.a. Spirituality for the Recalcitrant). (I’m saying this so I’ll have some accountability; someone hold me to my promises, OK?)

And finally:

Aunt Sylvie and Bebbeh J
Aunt Fishies and Bebbeh J

Lookit the belleh on that bebbeh! He’s definitely related to me.