Pretty subtle reporting

Wow. I wonder who these guys think will win the Democratic nomination?

Obama, only weeks away from clinching the nomination, has already turned his focus in tone and itinerary to Republican John McCain almost to the exclusion of his fading Democratic rival…

The New York senator campaigned, though, like it mattered and polls showed her with a commanding lead in the Mountain State, as well as an advantage in Kentucky a week later.

“Like it mattered.” Ouch.

(This is not meant to endorse any particular candidate nor even reveal my opinion about Obama or Clinton. I was just shocked to see a phrase like that in a professional news article; it seems more suited to a casual conversation.)

In other (good) (and entirely unrelated) news, I was told that I look like a German today. Given what I saw of German fashion when I was in Augsburg last summer, that could be a backhanded compliment. But as a card-carrying Europhile I’ll take what I can get. I’m especially pleased because I managed to put together the stylish ensemble I was wearing without the help or even knowledge of my fashion genius roommate, whose enthusiastic approval I gratefully received later. So I got dressed all by myself today. Go me!

4 thoughts on “Pretty subtle reporting

  1. for the record, fishies dresses herself every day and looks great all the time. i know this because i have the lovely privilege of dwelling on the next floor down.

  2. “professional news article”

    Did I really miss oxymoron day? Man, I need to put that on my calendar for next year.

  3. Sorry to be so negative, but I am convinced that there is nothing left of ‘professionalism’ in American politics. All those I felt resembled any ounce of professionalism are no longer in the race.
    I thank our media for that…it is they, in any event, who ultimately control the outcome of an election. Sad business in my opinion… Are we living in the last days?

    On a more positive note though: Congratulations on your self-inspired fashion ensemble, and for looking European! 😉

  4. Sorry, I have to qualify my statement about the media “ultimately deciding” the outcome of an election. “Ultimately decide” was not the best combination of words (note: I’m not an orator or a writer and never will be). They didn’t like Bush, but Bush still won twice. However, they “Ultimately Influence” the outcome of an election, and have the power to swing the vote.

    Much, better. Fhew! That correction lifted a weight off my shoulders. 😉

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