This is the church; this is the steeple

Faithful readers may recall that my favorite chapel burned down on May 17, 2009. Salt Lake was on the phone with the stake presidency while the building was still burning down, saying that we would rebuild.

And we did. I went to watch the re-placing of the steeple, which is an exact replica of the original steeple (only in metal instead of wood [metal=less likely to, like, burn]). It was done in three sections, and I missed the second one, but I was happy to get some pretty good shots of the action.


This building was just re-dedicated last Sunday, much to my delight, and I’ll post about that when I can–but I’m trying to do things chronologically (I’m an editor; I get paid to be this fastidious), and I haven’t even written about my freaking adorable nephew yet, so, all in good time. Since I think I just have imaginary readers anyway I’ll pretend they’re all nice and patient.

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