Back to sane

So I know that Monday night’s post was a bit alarming for a few friends – sorry ’bout that. Like I said, I’m hopelessly transparent, and that extends to my writing. Things have been much better since yesterday; sometimes I guess I just need to let off steam. And famdambily stuff tends to be stressful, overshadowing what has been arguably the most fantastic part of this trip to Arkansas:

My hair looks FABULOUS.

I wash it, I run a comb haphazardly through it, and then it somehow dries naturally into soft, shiny, well-shaped layered perfection. ‘Tis truly a wonder, and compensates admirably for some of the less-fun aspects of a Southern vacation, including humidity (like, WHOA) and trips to Wal-Mart. I pray that my hair shall continue to behave so beautifully upon my return to my belovéd home.

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