So I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a really generic hit counter thingy upon which my vanity is sometimes built (and against which my vanity is sometimes beaten). It doesn’t tell me much, so really it just make me wonder who some of my faithful readers are. Who in the MIT nuclear science lab loves me? Who in Mumbai and New Delhi (yes, as in India), Ottawa, Tampa, New Hyde Park, Midlothian, Montpelier, and Dracut? Some people I can guess – I’m pretty sure I only have one fan in Mountain Home, Arkansas and at most three in White Hall – but some, like the reader in a midsize Washington State city where I have reason to suspect I’m not on anyone’s favorite people list and the reader in Tampere, Finland, where I only have one friend and he’s here in Cambridge at the moment, have me pleasantly puzzled. Maybe I should create a guestbook, like the one in my car. Or maybe I’ll just keep enjoying the mystery.

4 thoughts on “Readership

  1. Well, I’m still in Seattle, if that helps resolve any mysteries. Sometimes I find that my statcounter only shows me the city of the ISP, which isn’t necessarily the city of the visitor.

  2. Well, I’m very glad you didn’t stoop to trolling for comments from everybody. That would seem pitiful. πŸ™‚

    At least one person in KC loves you!!

    PS I, too, used to snub IM-leet-lawl speak. Now I find it humorous in many scenarios. I’ve caught myself telling Nat how nommible the cookies she made were. HA

    Thats comic gold, right there.

  3. Stacer, I’ve noticed the same thing – when one of my roommates checks my weblog from her work, the city shows up as New York instead of Westwood, MA. I wonder how frequently that happens?

    Dave, I’ve never disdained the lolcats! I’ve always found l33tspeak amusing. As an editor I appreciate liberties taken with the language, as long as they’re done skillfully (that is, they conform to their own set of rules). I call them syntactical gymnastics. πŸ™‚

  4. Just FYI – I drifted in after reading a comment from you on my sisters Blog (Kamber Bishop is my sis,) I was intrigued by the fact that you once had Blue hair… any girl that I have known that ever had blue hair at one time or another in their life (and liked it,) has been a wonderful and interesting person to get to know. I figured that a blog written by one “once upon a time,” blue haired friend of Kamber’s would just have to be a good read. I was not disappointed.

    I didn’t read everything, but the little bit I did, had me thoroughly entertained and often enlightened. (entertained, as in – I’m one of those Xboxer guys that would read an article like the one you mentioned that you were working on, and enlightened, in that I had a very similar self discovery adventure in learning about ‘helping others come closer to my vision of happieness’ and how futile that it is. but you just expressed it so well – it was a pleasure to read.)

    Thanks for posting! I’m sure I’ll be back.

    Wade Hone -out

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