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So every once in a while someone asks me what it is that I do, exactly – it’s something or other for Microsoft, but not directly, right? Something about editing? Yeah, basically, and generally the content I edit is quite technically advanced and meant for an audience of professional developers; there’s not much room for joking around when one small error can crash an entire company’s system. The past couple of weeks, though, I’ve been working on content for Xboxers, an entirely different audience – and some of the articles are pretty entertaining. Especially this one. Skim (not scan) through it and see if you can find the following gems that had me laughing out loud and loving my job:

If you brought friends with you, you can get right down to business and shoot them!

A monitor has been described as a free flying ball of omnipotence

Adept users can also use this technique to fling objects around.

No amount of movement or rotation can turn a warthog into a scorpion.

Every map has its own palette of objects that are carefully assembled by Bungie in accordance with mystical principles of balance and memory limitations.

Ah, to be a free flying ball of omnipotence, flinging objects around at warthogs, scorpions, and the few friends I haven’t yet shot, in accordance with mystical principles of balance – oh, and memory limitations. I can dream, can’t I?

I shall end with these sage words of wisdom, also found in this article:

Remember, correct spelling and capitalization is a sign of fine craftsmanship.

One thought on “Getting down to business

  1. Wow…
    I haven’t really ever been sad that I left working for MS until recently when I have had this ‘stuff’ going on with my present job, and these feelings of nostalgia are more for ‘home’ than for anything related to MS. Thanks for reminding me again why I should not be sad about that.
    Since you don’t work directly for them – I think you’re safe. 🙂

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