Recent events

Highlights of the past week:

Caught in sudden and unexpected torrential rain with friends (see picture at end) and had to sit through a church talk literally* dripping wet in clothes that I now know are opaque only when dry. Everyone turned to stare at our waterlogged selves as we left.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Really good (even by this Arkansas storm snob’s standards) tree-downing thunderstorms, complete with unbelievable rain, cloud-to-ground lightning**, howling winds, sky-splitting thunder, and even hail. Fun to watch from safe dry apartment.

Discovered that I have a new fan (shout out to W?H, who left two comments). Very happy.

Watched German film Lola rennt (Run Lola Run). LOVED it.

Went running with TTJ right in the middle of Friday’s severe thunderstorm complete with aforementioned wind, rain, thunder, and lightning (though no hail), sometimes through shin-deep puddles but never across bridges (we didn’t want to court the cloud-to-ground lightning flashing around us). At one point the wind was so strong and the rain so heavy that the drops literally*** stung my skin as I ran. (FREAKING. AWESOME.) Later, got first-ever facial at wonderful skin care salon. (Wicked expensive.) (Worth. Every. Penny.)

Celebrated a friend’s birthday at Six Flags New England, a fantastic amusement/water park including multiple award-winning roller coasters, water slides, and park employees dressed in furry plush cartoon character suits (had to be indescribably fun on a 90+ degree day). Pictures to come. Very sorry to have sworn off treats until mid-July five days before Six Flags visit as Six Flags features multiple Cold Stone and Ben and Jerry’s locations, but have to fit into (as-yet-unmade) trailer trash bridesmaid dress very soon.

Just FYI to my faithful readers, this week I’m headed out to Utah for a family reunion and I am NOT (NOT. NOT. NOT.) taking my computer with me. (This does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t continue to check my weblog every day and keep my stats [which are directly proportional to my self-confidence] up.)

*I am using the term “literally” here literally, not figuratively, as has become entirely too common.

**NOT LIGHTENING–contrary to popular belief, that word contains no “e”!

***Using the term literally again.

8 thoughts on “Recent events

  1. Looks like great fun SP!

    Errr…word to the wise though: Might not be such a great idea to be outside at all during thunderstorm season. There are people who have died in this year’s storms because of the lightening.

    Have a FUN, FUN, FUN time in Utah (and especially without your computer!!!!).


  2. LOL – Ja, I had a couple of misgivings about running amid the electrical theatrics, but TTJ still wanted to go. I blame everything on him. 🙂 And we made sure we weren’t ever the tallest objects around – not too difficult considering our heights…

  3. I can see why that outfit would cause some consternation. I’m surprised the old ladies with the long-sleeve floor length dresses didn’t (pass out)|(lynch you).

    You bypassed a Cold Stone Creamery on a hot day? I yield to your superior will power.

    I am also very curious to hear more about this bridesmaid dress.

    Oh, and I use bloglines to subscribe, so unfortunately I will not be able to help with your stats. Sorry

    Have fun in UT.


  4. So why did you pick a “trailer trash” dress? After all, Katy let you choose your own…

  5. Dave, you think you’re being so clandestine and sneaky, but you actually do show up in my stats. Ha ha ha. So keep visiting, would you please?

    Anna, you are awesome. Literally, even more awesome than the article. It’s funny that it was written in 2001 – things haven’t improved, have they?

    Mom, you’re assuming that the phrase “trailer trash” modifies the noun “dress,” bypassing “bridesmaid.” However, the phrase “trailer trash” modifies the noun “bridesmaid,” and the collective “trailer trash bridesmaid” describes the dress. So it’s not a trailer trash dress for a bridesmaid; rather, it’s a dress for a trailer trash bridesmaid. And the phrase “trailer trash bridesmaid dress” doesn’t mean that the bridesmaid is trailer trash – it means that the (uppity East Coast) bridesmaid is serving a trailer trash bride. You see? Glad I could clear that up for you…

  6. Thanks for the shout out, I read more of your blog tonight, and realy enjoy your writing style – (I love that you used ‘to wit’ in context – so cool!)

    oh, and Cheers for you for liking Run Lola Run – Awesome Flick! I only saw it once a long long time ago, but it’s worth a re-watch… I’m going to look at some of those books you liked I’m betting that I’d enjoy em too.

    Thanks again for posting your stories of life, I hope you enjoy your Utah trip!

    W?H -out.

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