I’m (mostly) ba-ack…

Mostly but not completely. That is, I’m currently in Little Rock, Arkansas, after a truly miraculous trip from Salt Lake City (have you ever heard of a plane returning for wayward passengers after the plane has pushed back from the gate?!) (yes, it was stressful. no, i still don’t handle stress well. but everything worked out ok and all expletives remained internal). Tomorrow I return to Boston and (hopefully) normality, or as close as I ever come thereto. Meanwhile, I’m going to think about Mother Teresa (I just finished Come Be My Light, the book that has a lot of her personal writings) and try not to compare her remarkable life to my more quotidian existence even though she and I have the same personality type.

That is, if other thoughts don’t inadvertently take precedence even though they’re inherently less important. I wish I knew better how to have thoughts sink in and stick; sometimes I’m delighted to have an epiphany, only to realize after reading through an old journal that I had the same epiphany months or even years before. I wish epiphanies and life lessons were more like mononucleosis – things that, once obtained (or contracted, as the case may be), are irrevocably seared into one’s being.

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