Half and half

An Atlanta family is selling their mansion, moving into a house half the size of the old one, and donating half of the proceeds of the sale of their home to the Hunger Project:

Sale of one house will help 30 villages

I love this idea. The family is thinking in terms of half; I’m thinking of ways I could get by with half of what I now have…

But, of course, I immediately come up with self-righteous reasons why it’s much easier for rich people to make do with half of what they had before, and I just assume that if it was hard for the family to give something up, that means the family was too materialistic. I arrogantly think it would be easy for me to get rid of half my worldly possessions since I’m always trying to remain portable anyway. I sanctimoniously think that I would be fine with half as many clothes, half as many books, and half as much of my other possessions, meager though they are.

But then I think about giving up my car.

Thus falls the prideful pseudo-philanthropy*. Even if someone offered to give me a new car and paid all gas and maintenance costs, I would refuse (politely), just because I love Simon Bennett. I feel like it’s my social duty to buy a hybrid but, again, I like my cute little car too much. I’m shallow like that.

*Kind of cool that three successive words start with “p,” but they each have a different initial sound…

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