The world according to Sowell

So I’m currently reading the book Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy by Thomas Sowell. I’m thinking that a more accurate subtitle would be “Free Market Über Alles,” since Sowell’s main point seems to be that allowing market forces to rule the economy (and the utter elimination of socialism and anything like unto it) would lead to liberty, justice, and prosperity unlimited by space, time, or laws of physics. I’m retaining a healthy skepticism just because Sowell’s rhetoric is so heavy-handed; I don’t like being told that if I don’t agree with someone I’m ignorant at best. However, he has given me a lot to think about, and his ideas seem to make sense (though that may just be because he’s too busy hammering away with his free market message to allow anything else any airtime) (hooray for mixed metaphors!). I really want to finish this book and then read one with a contrasting viewpoint.

But that will have to wait a few days, at least, since I’m currently in Dallas for my sister’s wedding (tomorrow) (congratulations KL[P/H]!!). I’ll try to post pictures of my sister and me and my trailer trash bridesmaid dress…

3 thoughts on “The world according to Sowell

  1. Hey, I’m totally with you re: heavy handed rhetoric. Even when I agree with what they are saying, it really turns me off to have it presented so dogmatically.

    When I hear ideas, I am most impressed by people that acknowledge and discuss opposing viewpoints, and explain how those viewpoints relate to their own.

    I think that if you agree with everything you read and hear, you aren’t reading enough and talking to enough people.

  2. Hmmmm…I can’t say I fully agree with his viewpoint. Though I think I understand where he’s coming from having lived in (very socialist) France and seen first hand their lack of economic drive, advancement, the tons of people on “Chomage” (French welfare) who have no motivation to get off their lazy bums and work because they can’t find a job in their 33%+ unemployment rate country, AND don’t want to work anyway so why even try?…
    However…in my thesis on Swiss autonomy in the EU I did include a few pages on how Norway (also atonomous, and also very socialist — VERY VERY socialist) is managing to survive just swimingly.

    Ah…economics – SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  3. hey! it wasn’t trailer trash! There was no river and we totally had shoes on. Maybe for the next wedding we can do better…

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