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So at shortly after midnight I finally have a little breathing room and my head feels like it’s mostly above water – it’s been an unbelievably busy July. In addition to traveling across the country three times for weddings and family reunions, I’ve been looking for (and fortunately finding) a new apartment, shuffling rooms in my current apartment, sewing a bridesmaid dress that cost well over $1000 in production hours (hey, my time is valuable), and working on Harvard Business School application essays for a new client. I’ve also been working at my real job (which has suddenly become way busy), planning for two major going-away parties this weekend (J_H, how am I ever going to dress and accessorize myself with you gone?), and running a weekly LDS Addiction Recovery Program meeting. I’ve thus had my shoulder to several different wheels and have been pushing all of them along to the best of my ability. I was talking to a friend today and both of us expressed surprise that I don’t seem to be completely stressed out – yet. But then, she didn’t see me last Saturday, and the month is not yet over.

Speaking of last Saturday, here’s a picture of me and my little – ahem, younger – sister. (She’s the one in white. I’m the other one.) People stopped telling us we look alike some time ago – I think around the time she officially became taller than me (when she was 13 and I was 20)…

The sister and the bride

2 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Hey Sylvia, I’m surprised you haven’t had a stressed-out moment yet either – but think that’s actually a GREAT THING! That’s okay, I had enough stress for the both of us this week.

    In my opinion, one really can’t go wrong with at least TRYING bangs. I think you’d look cute! You should definately give them a go, and if you don’t end up liking them for any reason – hair grows! 🙂

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