Middle-of-the-night randomness

Some thoughts/questions for the day:

Whence cometh the word “connectivity”?* These days everyone talks about “connectivity issues” and “establishing connectivity”. What about good ol’ “connection issues” and just plain “connecting”?

Where have all the stick shifts gone? A friend of mine who recently bought a car bought – oh, I hate to say it – an AUTOMATIC, because that was what was available. Given that that’s a dealbreaker for me – I won’t buy a car with an automatic transmission (one of the reasons I don’t have a hybrid) – I don’t understand why automatics seem to be the vehicle(s) of choice these days.

Today has been great. Busy but not too busy, good and productive, and culminating with a post-midnight swim in a gloriously warm Walden Pond. Methinks I need more days like this.

*Following the British rule of putting punctuation marks outside the quotation marks, which makes a whole lot more sense than the American rule of keeping them inside.

One thought on “Middle-of-the-night randomness

  1. I WONDERED ABOUT THAT!!! Seriously – just this very week I was wondering about that!
    Growing up my grandmother ALWAYS told me I was wrong to put my punctuation marks inside the quotations, whereas my English teachers always said to put them IN. My grandmother is from Scotland…so no wonder…
    Thanks for clearing that up! I’m now a solid proponent for keeping them OUTSIDE the quotations.

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