Opposition in all things

Some days are just awesome, and then the Law of Averages takes over.

On Tuesday, I was exchanging e-mails with a delightful young woman who turned out to be the intern from Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! (!!!), which many readers will remember is my all-time favorite radio show—a show whose new episodes I await impatiently every week, that never fails to make me laugh out loud, that I turn to in times of acute distress or just vague crumminess. This e-mail exchange had me completely starstruck in a way that (my therapist tells me) is actually quite normal and not immature or weird or borderline stalkerish. But the rabid fangirl in me was in for an even bigger treat when the intern said, “I even told Peter about our conversation, and told him that you love him, and he says he loves you back.”


ZOMG DOUBLEPLUSSQUEE!!!11!!!!1!11!!!!!

I cannot adequately express in words what this means to me. The only way to convey the feelings of absolute elation involved spastic dancing, complete with squealing and flailing. (In my kitchen. There is no video.)


But euphoria can only be allowed to last so long, apparently. The next day I was riding my bike through Cambridge when yet another &$%# cab driver came way too close for comfort. Uncharacteristically, I turned to yell at him. “Hey, watch i—”


I slammed into the driver’s side mirror of a parked Honda. (Irony of hitting something while telling someone else to watch out: noted, thanks.) It hurt. A lot. My arm started to bleed. I came to a stop and started to go into shock, which was weird, because the accident wasn’t that bad. (Isn’t shock for real problems?) Fortunately a good friend of mine happened to be riding by on his Vespa, and he sat me down (the thought hadn’t occurred to me, although I was getting dizzy). A friendly woman gave me a ride home, since I could only walk about 15 feet before the world started spinning, and my roommates set me up on the couch with some ice packs and food and The Bachelorette: Men Tell All (so actually I wasn’t completely enthusiastic about the choice of television; to prevent my IQ from dropping too precipitously I read posts on the Mormon American weblog [which you should do, too]). Self-pity commenced. (What kind of idiot runs into a parked car, especially while telling someone else to be careful?)

Then later—much later, since weather had delayed her flight from 8:30 PM until 1:00 AM—I went to fetch a friend from the airport. No problem, right? I live 10 minutes from Logan and her house is only about 20 minutes away from mine.

Except that summertime is constructiontime* in New England, so all the roads I needed were closed, which meant I got to take badly signed detours through indifferently marked roads (seriously, how hard is it to paint straight lines on pavement?!) in downtown Boston to the airport—where the police weren’t letting anyone stop to look for their passengers, and my friend’s cell phone battery was almost dead, so the first three times I called I got her voice mail. She finally walked up just as a vehicle with flashing blue lights was pulling up behind me; the ticket-bearing vehicle went away (thank goodness). On the way home even more of the roads I needed were closed, so I got to drive around through downtown Boston again. Add to this the trauma of the earlier accident and it leads to a thoroughly discouraged Fishies crawling tiredly into bed at 2:36 AM, then staring at the ceiling, feeling both wired and wretched, until after 4:00.

So I heard from the intern yesterday that she can get me tickets to the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! show in Maine in three weeks. (!!!!! Peter AND Carl Kasell IN PERSON AND IN THE SAME ROOM!!!! More spastic dances are needed to express the excitement.)

I stayed inside today.

*Somehow this never makes the roads any better. Boston is a horrible place to drive if one cares about one’s car.

5 thoughts on “Opposition in all things

  1. but you’re okay now, right? and the bike, and the car too, because those can damage the budget…and maybe before you need another session of vegetating in front of electronics we can get you the DVDs of Downton Abbey (available at the PB library! and maybe the local library where you live, unless you want to splurge on Amazon and pay like $20 for each season…or put them on your wish list so some of us that like to plan ahead for holidays can get started!)

  2. Hi Mom–Yep, I’m fine, as is my bike (my body absorbed the impact so the bike didn’t get hurt at all). I left a note on the car but haven’t heard from the owner yet, perhaps because I bled on the note (couldn’t help it) and he or she felt sorry for me. I also don’t think the mirror shattered–I think I just knocked it out of the holder. (I could be wrong about that, though, as I hadn’t the wherewithal for a thorough investigation. Shock is a strange thing.)

    I hadn’t thought about adding Downton Abbey to my wish list, but I shall do that, post-haste. 🙂

  3. I didn’t realize how the two stories were linked until I saw John’s comment! 😉 Glad Peter loves you and you get to see him live and in person!!! I am reading your entries out of order but will say this sounded like your voice as well!

    I’m glad you are ok and that you are adding Downton Abbey to your wish list. #ilovedowtonabbey #willthe3rdsesonstartalready

  4. Wow for you. I love that show too, and now you’ve actually (almost, came close) talked to Peter Sagal? Amazing. I hope it wipes away the terrible traffic frustrations.

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