Swing shift

So here it’s almost midnight and I’m actually about to turn off my computer – something nearly unprecedented in Sylvian history. I’ve been nocturnal for pretty much as long as I can remember. The first time I stayed up all night was the last day of school in third grade, and I hardly ever went to bed at a reasonable hour all through high school or especially college – even when I had 8:00 AM jobs or classes. I learned to get completely ready for school or work in exactly 21 minutes so that I could sleep as long as possible after inevitably staying up past 2:00 AM.

The job thing worked itself out, fortunately. For the past six and a half years I’ve had the good fortune to live on the east coast while I work with people in the Pacific time zone. Despite this freedom, though, I’ve had a constant nagging feeling that I should try to make myself into a more diurnal and hence respectable person, thinking that if I just got this body of mine trained good and proper I could reap the benefits promised to those who are early to bed, early to rise. So I would wage campaigns, sometimes several months long, trying to show my body who was boss.

It never worked. Even after months of trying, I would always revert back to the same schedule. A few months ago I decided to become OK with it and be grateful that my job doesn’t require me to be up early. Most of the time this works out well; Sundays are always a little rough but I’ve become very fond of afternoon naps. I just live in mortal fear of the day I become a mom or have to get a real job, because then the party will be OVER.

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