Dream team

VMD and the Dream Girls
VMD and the Dream Girls

So I’m staying with my friend LATD and her husband VMD, who this evening accused me of trying to make him a polygamist (although really I wasn’t trying to make anyone anything but dinner). LATD and I talked about it and realized that the synergistic combination of the two of us constitutes a polygamist’s dream come true – she would go out and earn a living (she’s a doctor), while I would stay home and read and more or less mind the house. Since we have opposite sleep schedules one of us would be available to meet our dearly beloved husband’s every need at all hours of the day or night.

And then, during the photo shoot that produced this picture, with both of us whining about various takes (My face looks fat! My teeth are too big! Look at this Relief Society arm!), we realized that no man should ever have to put up with two wives, especially at all hours of the day and night, especially if they’re both in whiny moods.

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