Even more trav’lin’

I’ve been kind of vaguely distressed that I haven’t taken or made plans for an international trip in the year 2008, which breaks the pattern established over the last four years. But I just found that there are some really great international airfares for this holiday season – Boston to Madrid for $238, Boston to Prague for $314, Boston to Rome for $277 – and I’m thinking that Thanksgiving is a fun time to travel (in 2004 I went to Paris; in 2005 I went to Kenya). I don’t have a specific place in mind yet; I just want to go somewhere I haven’t visited before.* And with someone(s) fun. Any takers?

*My preference would be South America, but tickets there apparently aren’t included in the sale. I would love to visit Asia too, but when I go there I don’t want to stay less than two weeks so I don’t suffer death by jet lag. So it looks like Europe…

2 thoughts on “Even more trav’lin’

  1. I don’t know what Rome is like in autumn (Yes, I use the word on purpose!), but I have been there in spring once and I had one of the best times of my life. The reason might have been the people I have been there with though.

    I still have not been brave enough to try to find out and potentially destroy my good impression of the city.

  2. I know you’ve done Germany. If Austria is too close, (I sure do love the Alps) then I would go for Rome.

    As for traveling companions go, Nat would love it, but I’m afraid a trip to [insert the name of anywhere here] is out of our budget. Maybe soon, huh? She really could use a break from the three of us. 🙂

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