Two weddings and a reunion (and a hike)

I mentioned a few posts ago that life has been quite busy for the past month, what with famdambily gatherings of sundry flavors and various other excursions. Well, here’s a little bit about each one, with a gallery at the end (the WordPress picture-adding functionality leaves something to be desired so I can’t just insert the pictures and add text around them; no, I have no idea why the caption text is so enormous).

The first weekend in July I flew out to Utah for a family reunion, for which I have no photographs because my camera battery died during a Bryce Canyon hike the day before and I had forgotten to bring my charger. The first three pictures below are some that I took with a prehumous battery.

The second weekend in July I celebrated a friend’s birthday with her by hiking 8.8 miles to the top of Mount Washington and back.  ‘Twas a rigorous endeavor, and methinks that next time I haven’t been hiking in a couple of years I maybe shouldn’t start with an eight-hour hike up and down a steep mountain with several people who hike regularly and are much faster than I am. But I enjoyed it (or at least I enjoy being able to say I did it), and camping out Friday night was way fun, even if I still wasn’t eating sweets at the time and thus consumed no roasted marshmallows.

The third weekend in July I flew to Dallas for my sister’s wedding, one picture from which has already been posted and more pictures from which are included below. Behold the trailer trash bridesmaid dress! Behold the trailer trash bride!

The fourth weekend in July we prepared for the departure of J_H, dearly belovéd and now dearly departéd roommate, and TDS, dearly belovéd and now dearly departéd friend, by having a couple of parties and redistributing a veritable truckload of possessions in our apartment (C-t-P moved up to my room and I temporarily moved down to J_H’s old room, where my stuff is crammed in with some of the furniture belonging to the very nice girl who will inhabit the room when I move in two weeks).  Our house is semi-organized chaos (operative word being “semi”) at the moment. Bleah.

And finally (finally!), this weekend, another wedding. But this time all I had to do was show up – no making dresses, no decorating, no serving, no putting up and taking down, no nothing except standing around taking pictures with my favorite rugrats. I was these kids’ nanny 12 years ago, when the bride was just a little girl and the other kids were babies or toddlers. It was great to see them all together again, for the first time in five years. They’re all so growed up!

(Relatively speaking, that is. The bride really IS that small.)

(Please to ignore the partial head and shoulder of the real photographer in one of these.)

Apart from KMWG’s wedding, this weekend I’ve just been living it up – and by “living it up” I mean “spending lots of blissful quiet quality time with myself and a close friend.” For introverts, it just doesn’t get much better than this. (Yee-haw!)

2 thoughts on “Two weddings and a reunion (and a hike)

  1. Okay, funny. I clicked on the pic of the newlyweds and parents and recognized your mom before I recognized your sister! She looks fantastic! Tell her I said Congratulations!!

  2. Doesn’t she look great? Funny that she’s grown up now – I can’t quite get it through my head.

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