I’m back in Boston! Despite an hour delay in Denver – the plane we were going to fly on was having rudder problems (my thoughts immediately turned to TWA flight 800) so United had to find us a new one – we made it to Boston without incident. I have to say I’m perfectly fine with waiting an extra hour to get home if it means we’ll have a mechanically sound plane – and boy did we need one for the flight. Holy cow. I’ve been through turbulence before, but tonight’s three separate incidents were all wicked rough. I told the captain when I got off that I felt like a martini. He laughed.

Aaaaand: I finally finished Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy despite all the bone-rattling aeronautical epilepsy. It was really fascinating. I still think Sowell is way heavy-handed rhetorically, but what he says makes a lot of sense and has made me question a lot of my assumptions. My goal now is to find reviews of the book and of Thomas Sowell’s work in general.

And to find another book to read. I’m really interested in economics and want to find more stuff comprehensible to people like me.

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