Talk talk talking

So I gave a talk in church yesterday about faith and some of the common fears that prevent people from having it – or rather, from feeling like they have it. I studied and thought and prepared for hours and hours, praying really hard that God would help me say something that would help someone, even if it was just one person.

Did He ever.

I can’t believe the feedback I’ve received – all of which has included words like “amazing” and “fantastic” and “brilliant” and “exactly what I needed to hear” and “I took notes.” Multiple people have asked me for copies of the talk* and apparently I was quoted more than a few times in Relief Society yesterday (I had to leave right at the beginning so I missed the lesson). I’m thrilled and elated to have been able to bring relief and joy to so many people. I wasn’t even all that nervous and I enjoyed giving the talk; it was incredible to see that everyone really was paying attention instead of staring off into glazed-eyed space.

I’m trying not to let it go to my head. I know I had precious little to do with the event – I’d had less than three hours of sleep (every time I was about to fall asleep a car alarm would go off or something similar would happen) and I don’t function well when I’m tired. (God was giving me an object lesson. Instead of freaking out that I couldn’t sleep, I was instructed to have faith that things would work out.) But wow. It’s amazing to see a new talent begin to develop, especially for someone who as a kid was painfully (PAINFULLY) shy and remains a die-hard introvert.

Turns out God has been in charge all along. Who knew?

*I just have notes at the moment; I’m planning to flesh them out a little bit and maybe then I’ll post them on this site. Maybe. It feels a bit self-aggrandizing to even think about doing that…

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