Movin’ on

So I haven’t posted much this week and would like to at least partially explain the absence: I moved last Saturday and have spent the past week in a chaos of boxes and un-put-away paraphernalia and Target assemble-at-home shelving and temporary containers of sundry descriptions. I’ve been carrying heavy things (including cinder blocks) up lots of stairs, acquiring more than a few really impressive bruises, sleeping little, and in general learning once again that I don’t adjust very quickly to new situations, even good ones. But I love our beautiful built-in-1751 (it even has a plaque, which is way cool) apartment and exploited its fantastic location last night; ’tis truly a miracle to find beautiful, affordable, conveniently located housing in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s just the adjusting that takes a while – figuring out where things are going to go, learning to load a new dishwasher, finding light switches in the dark, looking for useful and attractive furnishings because you have to have a place to put things before you can figure out where they’re going to go. At the grocery store one night this week I was so tired that all I wanted to do was lay down on the floor and sleep, using one of the stock boxes full of cans as a pillow – I’d overdosed on Target and Home Depot that day, methinks.

But we’re getting moved in, slowly but surely. The big things are mostly in place and decorations are starting to appear. A trip to IKEA will take care of much of the remainder. To that I look forward with great expectation.

2 thoughts on “Movin’ on

  1. Oh I am so with you! I hate moving too. I love going new places, but the settling in and figuring out where stuff goes is rotten. And its not a worse place, just different. And I don’t like adjusting either. Good thing we’re military so I can get out of that comfort zone all the time! Ug.

  2. I’m so with you too! Things are moving sort of slow, but good. Can’t complain really. Once Chen and I do our final “Dana Street” cleaning this weekend when we help Marissa move, we’ll have the remainder of the items in the new place and that will help! ‘Tis a wonderful apartment/house though, isn’t it?

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