Fun with quizzes

A friend of mine just posted the results of the first quiz below on her weblog, and as soon as I saw it I had to take it. (Of course.) I scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 100% Advanced, and 100% Expert. GO ME!!!

(So, those of you who are considering becoming my clients, rest assured that I do know what I’m talking about – as long as the subject is related to the English language, its spelling, or its grammar. No other subjects come with anything even remotely resembling  a guarantee.  Especially if they involve mathematics.)

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test…

English Genius

You did so extremely well, even I can’t find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don’t. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you’re not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog:

Take The Commonly Confused Words Test at HelloQuizzy

So right after that I found another test and took that one too:

Your result for The Absolute Language Test…

You are a master of the art of language! You probably speak more than one language and are very well cultured because of it. You also get annoyed with people who don’t use proper grammar and constantly correct them. Give yourself a pat on the back! You’re ready for the Embassy Ball!

Take The Absolute Language Test at HelloQuizzy

I don’t trust this one as much, and not just because the name of the test is “The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plane [sic].” But it was fun to take it anyway.

(Yes, I should be doing something else. Somethings else, as a matter of fact – there are many, many tasks from which to choose. And I hope my future posts aren’t as self-aggrandizing as the last few have been. Sometimes a girl just needs to feel special… Especially if she’s had a way challenging couple of weeks.)

One thought on “Fun with quizzes

  1. Always knew you were smart!!! I thought about taking the test myself, but after years of dealing with “miscreants” I’ve found that both my intellect and grammar have devolved into something that can best be discribed as “noxious”. Oh well, what’s a person to do.

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