(Four-)seasonal allergies

This will be a quick post, one dashed off (insofar as any part of me is at all capable of dashing) right before I drag my beleaguered and allergy-ridden self into bed. It’s a bit odd – I have awful allergies in the spring, but I’ve never had allergies in late summer before this year. The past couple of days (especially today) have been terrible. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and my itchy, swollen, runny, red, sore eyes and itchy throat and whiplash-inducing sneezes and constantly runny nose all day; a photograph of me right now would be a perfect representation of true and pitiful misery. I’m going to bed and I’m not going to think about how long it will take me to open my crusty, glued-shut eyes tomorrow morning (’tis an unpleasant process; I shan’t elaborate).


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