Pretty much perfect

Saturday: No obligations (!). Late awakening, leftover Valentine’s Day chocolates, yoga, reading and writing time.

Saturday night: Three awesome multilingual friends, take-out saag paneer and chicken tikka masala, discussion of politics including TTJ’s upcoming takeover of Switzerland, semi-gruesome Finnish Christmas pig-slaughtering theme song, oatmeal cookies (“family” recipe slightly modified to compensate for typical guys’ apartment lack of brown sugar), Salmer fra kjøkkenet (Kitchen Stories) (quirky Norwegian film) (“quirky” = “delightful”).

Sunday night: Two awesome friends, leftover no-bake and oatmeal cookies, icanhascheezburger introduction to new converts, discussion of theoretical physics as applied to the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price interspersed with discussion of Finnish and English idiosyncrasies and Big Mac Index, 198-minute letter-writing party (two participants; 1.5 letters composed).

Some things are just wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Pretty much perfect

  1. Les aliments étaient excellents – la compagnie était encore mieux! J’ai aimé la chanson de cochon finlandaise et soutenir complètement les plans de Teppo de dominer la Suisse… si j’ai le mot à dire sur tous les plans! 🙂
    En effet, c’était une soirée merveilleuse ! Merci encore de tout !

  2. Vielen Dank! Ich hoffe, bald bekommen wir nochmal zusammen – vielleicht mit einem französichen Film und Crepes. 🙂

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