Joyeux anniversaire

So far as a 32-year-old I have:

  • Awakened early (something I don’t hope to repeat)
  • Not fallen down the stairs (something I do hope to repeat)
  • Read a New York Times article about secret service protection for Barack Obama
  • Received birthday wishes from a veritable plethora of wonderful people (thanks, yous!)
  • Listened to freaking awesome songs like “More” (Bobby Darin) and “Ring Ring” (in Swedish, Spanish, and German) (ABBA) during an invigorating 3-mile run
  • Stretched luxuriously (oh, bliss) after aforementioned 3-mile run
  • Donned the crown that tjaroo gave me yesterday (YEAH!)
  • Temporarily traded the crown for the supercool new wannabe-Eurotrash hat that SDY persuaded me to buy on Saturday night (I didn’t want to actually, like, do my hair)
  • Driven 74 MPH down Route 2 with the sunroof open (all the better to enjoy this miraculously gorgeous and warm day) in an ultimately unsuccessful search for a bundt pan (T.J. Maxx and Shaw’s both failed me) while listening to Austrian yodeling music and wearing the new wannabe-Eurotrash hat
  • Received a thank-you note and picture from a wedding I attended a little while ago and the “An Evening with Ira Glass and the New Kings of Nonfiction” CD I ordered in support of This American Life podcasts (these aren’t birthday-related mail items, but they did arrive today, which makes them feel at least somewhat celebratory)
  • Been serenaded by my little baby sister
  • Acquired three flavors of ice cream in anticipation of tonight
  • Wondered which presidential candidate my grandmother currently supports

I still need to:

  • Make an almond/orange glaze cake (in a silicone bright-red heart-shaped pan, since the bundt pan quest was unsuccessful)
  • Fold laundry (sigh)
  • Like, work, or something

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