Unprecedented – shocking, even

My roommate C-t-P is making her world-famous* chocolate chip cookies downstairs. These cookies deserve a more sensual-sounding name than “cookies,” because they are bliss.

And I don’t want any.

An overwhelming diet of birthday cakes (note the plural), Swedish fish, AMAZING white-chocolate-covered mini-cake-balls (I MUST find out what these are), chocolate eggs, Toblerone, Caramel deLites, and Fazer chocolate with berries (maitosuklaata ja marjoja) has me so sugared out that all I want to eat now is lettuce.

And iceberg lettuce at that.

(Have no fear. I’m sure I’ll want some by tomorrow morning. I’d hate to eat any real breakfast food this week.)

*They really are world-famous. So famous, in fact, that the box she shipped to me while I was in Germany never arrived, the Deutsche Post obviously having had advance notice that the cookies were en route.

3 thoughts on “Unprecedented – shocking, even

  1. don’t tell anyone, but it was i who made the 2nd batch. C-t-P supervised of course.

    you better want some tonight, cause those are your b-day dinner dessert!

  2. You really do have a lot going on in the “sugar department!”
    Iceberg lettuce is mis-understood: It’s perfectly great food!
    Were you finally able to get some good rest after Monday’s early rise? 🙂

  3. Heh. I am feeling mightily pleased with myself for having given you those white chocolate-covered balls of fudge-y cocaine.

    Fortunately, they are not really made of cocaine. There are actually only two ingredients: a package of Oreos, finely smashed, and a package of cream cheese. Unprecedented, even shocking, no?

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