Worth a thousand words (partur tveir)













Aaaaand after (emo picture does not properly convey my absolute, complete, total, boogie-dancing delight with the cut):











Really, why do I ever get anything other than a stacked A-line? When my stylist was sweeping up the remains of my old cut, I told her to put that long hair in the trash can where it belongs.

(Interesting coincidence: A friend of mine who had no idea about today’s fun with hairdressers commented on a Facebook picture that my hair was looking a bit long…)

5 thoughts on “Worth a thousand words (partur tveir)

  1. Boogie-dancing delight? I didn’t know emos did that! :-p

    At least it’s not anything like that one you described to me and Katy. Hooray for awesome haircuts!! πŸ™‚

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