Mi coche

A friend just sent me some instructions that you should follow too:

Go to Google Maps.

Enter the following address:

2 Longfellow Park Cambridge, MA 02138

Click Street View.

See the MINI Cooper?

The blue one with the blue-and-white checkerboard top?

That’s my car.

The building in the background is the Cambridge LDS chapel (where I go to church).

Like, WHOA.

3 thoughts on “Mi coche

  1. Wow! You actually have proof that you go to church. Or that your car goes to church… πŸ™‚ Not that we doubted it, it’s just cool that your car is famous now. As it should be.

  2. I can walk to church now – I moved a couple of months ago to an apartment that’s only 1.5 miles from the church building. But I usually don’t walk to church for two reasons: 1) I’d have to get up half an hour earlier, and 2) I’d have to walk a total of 3 miles in Sunday shoes. Sunday is the one day a week where I choose form over function, so walking that far would be reeeeeally uncomfortable…

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