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I rearranged my room a few days ago (thanks to JRS for saving me from myself, as I was trying to do the impossible all on my own [as usual]) and now the feng shui is much better. However, the quintessentially New England floor under and around my desk is very uneven. So now my chair, which has wheels, has a tendency to roooooolllllll… … …

I’m wearing a thermal shirt, a wool sweater, jeans, socks, a for-real-outdoorsy-people lined hat, and a fleece scarf, and I’m still both a) cold and b) too cheap to turn up the heat even though it’s 33° outside.

I found out Saturday night via my mother’s Facebook status that I’m (finally) going to have a chance to spoil rotten a niece or nephew! I’ve been jealous of friends with nieces and nephews for years. Now I get one too!

I owe my sister a post – she tagged me a couple of weeks ago. I’m to list 10 odd things about meself. Of course, that shouldn’t prove difficult a-tall, but I’m actually having a little trouble coming up with things that are within the acceptable spectrum of odd for individuals outside of an institution.

7 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Are you sure the chair is rolling due to the quintessential New England floor, and not the quintessential New England apparition?

    As far as inside temperatures go, if I have to put on clothes to stay warm, I’ll typically turn up the thermostat.

    And, I’m working on the post you tagged me on too. My BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG ing has been seriously deficient lately.

  2. LOL – There may also be some spirits drifting through this house (it was built in 1751 and served as a hospital during the Revolutionary War, plus, as you now know, there’s a cemetery in the backyard), but since the floors are really obviously slanted I attribute much of the rolling to them. Maybe the spirits are the reason the floor is slanted, though.

    Yeah, I could turn up the thermostat – but see note re: I’m cheap. That said, temperatures below 40° warrant spending a few extra dollars to offset the discomfort.

    So, does your “if I have to put on clothes to stay warm” mean that you typically run about unclothed?

  3. Girl – turn on your thermostat! I have mine set at 55 in my room during the day when I’m gone to make sure the pipes don’t freeze, now that we’re dipping into freezing temperatures. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s actually the law for renters) and then I turn it up to 65 when I am in my room (70 when I’m not in my bed).
    Did you put the plastic over your windows? That helps too.

    Also…get the hematocrite checked next time your in with the doc (if that’s low, it could also account for extra seemingly insurmountable freezing. Trust me – I am walking anemia).

  4. I’m kinda bummed that nobody as commented on your impending aunt-ness! 🙁 Well, at least you’re still happy and that’s all that matters! 🙂

    Maybe if you get checked what the above poster mentioned, get your thyroid checked too. Not that I get super thyroid obsessed or anything (no, never)but being cold all the time, no matter what, is a pretty big symptom. But don’t worry about being cheap, because so are we, so it’s the cool thing to do…or something…

  5. Now that is a picture NOT worth a thousand words. Or maybe a thousand NOOO s. Anyway, I didn’t mean completely unclothed. More like minimally clothed. If you’re thinking shorts and t-shirt, you’re prolly pretty close.

    We also have a bit of a dilemma in summer. We don’t like it too hot either, so we typically run the air conditioner low enough to require blankets at night. And I’m talking down comforter blankets. Funny, huh?

    I am disappointed in your lack of response to the b word. Perhaps because I directed it at myself instead of you. So here goes troll #2.

    “I really love reading your BLOG. I am so glad I found your BLOG so I can keep up with an old dear friend. Your BLOGGING skills inspire me to want to be a better BLOGGER like you.”

    Remember I am a big brother. I don’t give up until I get a reaction.

    <3 u XD

  6. Dave: Heh heh. I have an older brother who becomes calmer and calmer the more I push him. Annoying, isn’t it? Sends me right over the edge every time.

  7. I did kind of reveal my intent there, didn’t I? I guess I will have to wait and try again when you are unsuspecting.

    This round goes to you.

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