This weekend, part 2

So I implied in my last post that I had a busy weekend ahead (which is kind of an understatement) – and mentioned that I had been feeling pretty stressed about it on Wednesday (which is even more of an understatement). On Thursday, I sent a message to my Rapid Response team, asking for prayers and other generally happy thoughts.

Oh what fun it is to have righteous friends. The prayers worked wonders. I’m somewhat stunned to report that I didn’t just survive but actually enjoyed almost all of this past weekend; work was completed, the concert welcome text was written, four performances were sung, high notes were hit, last-minute additions to the program were made, Finnish text was translated (kiitos TTJ!), the piano gig was fulfilled, another concert was attended, Christmas decorations were procured and put up (including a tree), the client’s application (6 essays + a cover letter + a resume) was submitted, cookies were baked and delivered, the big fancy church dance was attended (props to CLB for a wonderful job!), the turkey was roasted (45 minutes too long but the really dry stuff will make great soup), a book was read, and the bangs were trimmed.

And I wasn’t stressed – even when I had to sing solos and songs with high notes in front of a lot of people. AND I even had time between obligations to rest and breathe. The only time I had a bad attitude was late Saturday night, and even then I wasn’t too cranky. I’m so, so, SO grateful for all the thoughts and prayers; there’s no way I could have handled a weekend like this one without them. (And I have evidence a-plenty to back up this statement, as anyone who knows me can attest.)

Onward and upward. The next challenge is rather formidable, but with God’s help I can handle it.

(She says, smiling.)

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