Shopping at Market Basket (with its myriad inconsiderate* customers who park their carts in the most inconvenient places possible, including across aisles)


+ lots to do

+ an NPR story about Kwame Kilpatrick (and his claim that the media has blown his case out of proportion and his blatant attempt to portray the charges against him as merely the product of racist persecution)

+ badly written articles (even though without these I would have no job)

+ hunger



*Suggestions that I may be similarly inconsiderate at times are not currently under consideration.

UPDATE 3/15: Thanks to the miracles of sustenance (in the form of frozen fried chicken!), a little rest, fantastic roommates who compassionately listened to my ranting (and were suitably incensed at the world’s injustices), a roommate who just freaking ACED the GMAT (goooooo J_H!!), and (most of all) some divine intervention, I’m feeling much, much better. Thank goodness God has both infinite patience and a sense of humor. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cranked

  1. Damn them……..Damn them all to hell! The only thing worse that people parking carts in the wrong place is the “blue hair” run for bread when it snows.

    Thought for the day:
    “Now it’s over, I’m dead and haven’t done anything that I want, or I’m still alive and there’s nothing I want to do”

  2. LOL – Again, the combined forces of JHP and They Might Be Giants prevail against the nefarious influence of life-induced crankiness. The only thing better would be a real-life recitation of a Sergeant P embarrassing-ways-to-die story (Arkadelphians seem to deserve a disproportionate share of Darwin Awards)… 🙂

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