Oh, how I love scientific articles that justify my existence and idiosyncrasies:

3 Smart Things About Sleeping Late

In other news, I did indeed dash and dunk into the (really really cold) Atlantic Ocean this morning. It was way colder this year than last year (last year it was about 35° F; this year it was 10° F) and due to yesterday’s snowstorm there was snow there on the beach – I was glad I’d worn Tevas. Even with them, the pain in my toes was pretty much all I could think about between the ocean and the warmth of the clubhouse. But it was still a freaking awesome experience and one that I plan to repeat next year.

3 thoughts on “Validated!

  1. I totally agree with #2. I’ve done my best work at 2 in the morning. Even if I am just lying awake trying to figure out how to solve a problem I faced earlier in the day.

  2. I demand pictures of this polar bear plunge!
    I want to see this costume you ladys (and gents?) were in when you performed the insanity. 😉

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