Signs of affection

So some people demonstrate love through words; others, through gifts; others, through physical touch, quality time, or service.

Current and former members of the Park Avenue Smart Set*, however, show our love for each other through…

Taxidermied** cats.

One of us received this delightful and disconcertingly real-looking little monster as a gag gift, and, well, since it looks so disconcertingly real, we like to disconcert each other with it. So we put it in random places, like the meat drawer in the refrigerator, someone’s sheets, an underwear or sock drawer, or anyplace else it would be disconcerting to suddenly discover a small furry rodent. (I put it in the microwave once and forgot about it, then disconcerted myself because I was the next one to use the microwave.) Random shrieks heard through the apartment were signs that the taxidermied cat had struck again.

So imagine it’s your birthday, and it’s 15°F outside, and you’re running late for work (this part is only hypothetical, C-t-P!), and you scrape the ice off your car and then climb in and put the key in the ignition, and suddenly you look down and see this little critter curled up behind your steering wheel:










Oh, how I’ve giggled and laughed and chortled at this prospect. I giggled and laughed and chortled some more once the taxidermied cat had been correctly positioned late Monday night. I’m just sad I didn’t get to see the reaction.

*Oh how I miss me some Park Avenue Smart Set!***

**It’s not a real taxidermied cat, but it certainly looks like it, no?

***Classic PASS:



















J_H, the completely vacant look on your face in the second picture makes me laugh out loud every time…

3 thoughts on “Signs of affection

  1. Then imagine said late worker spent time in the parking lot at the office trying to capture the moment using her cell phone camera, much to the wonder of the people in the car next to her.

  2. Then imagine said other members of the PASS thousands of miles away still reaping the benefits of this latest prank. What other than a taxidermied cat could transcend the distance?


  3. Um, I’m pretty sure we had a pact about those pictures ever making it into the public sphere. That’s it. Hope you like taxidermied cockroaches showing up in your omelets.

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