Repeated history

So when I was in first grade, Mrs. Lemon* would always write 6 – 8 assignments on the board before school. The assignments for each day were designed to take the entire school day, and we could work at our own pace.

Some days, I had every single one of the assignments done before morning recess, and spent the rest of the day happily writing poems at my desk and leaning back in my chair (something I never thought of doing until we were told not to) (once I fell over).

Some days, I was still frantically trying to complete my work when the class was lined up to go home.

A few years ago, when I was working a copy editor, some days I’d get through 10,000 words. Other days I’d get through 50,000.

I haven’t yet ascertained the cause of this somewhat alarming disparity. I’ve only noticed that it continues, literally to this day. Monday I was astonishingly productive and got a lot done. Yesterday and today… Not so much. I had less time on Monday to accomplish more things, and managed to take care of everything; the to-do list yesterday and today has contained precious little, yet even those few things remain on the list, unaccomplished and forsaken.

Would that I could somehow even out my productivity. Any ideas?

*Yes, this really was her name. My second grade teacher was Mrs. Fickle. My third grade teacher was Mrs. Candy.

2 thoughts on “Repeated history

  1. Syl, unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions for you. I’m having that kind of a day/week myself. Why is it that whenever I take Monday off, the rest of the week is a total loss. You’d think that losing one fifth of my work week would provide extra motivation. Instead, it just makes me long for the next weekend that much more.

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