Skill and luck

First the skill:
































(And yes, I could have straightened out more, but I didn’t feel like it. I was only going to be there for a few minutes.)

And now, the luck:

Driving home tonight, I playfully started racing* another MINI up Fresh Pond Parkway. (At least I was feeling playful; I’m not really sure about the other guy, who wouldn’t make eye contact with me.) Swooshing around the roundabouts and up the straightaways was great fun… until I saw the flashing blue lights in the rear view mirror. With an expression of dismay that may or may not have had four letters, I pulled into the right lane and slowed down, expecting the worst – especially since my passenger side headlight burned out last weekend.

And the cop pulled over the other MINI.


The friends to whom I related this story (and who had commanded me to drive safely on the way home) have suggested that I be a law-abiding driver for the next little while.**

(Un)fortunately, they didn’t specify which law(s) to abide…



*This was the first time I’ve done anything like this since May of 2008, when I realized that I drove like someone with anger management issues and made a concerted effort to calm down my driving. Since that time I’ve only driven aggressively once every few months or so, and it’s never been an entire trip – just an irritated honk or swerve when occasion warrants. I’m much nicer than I used to be.

**At least until the cursing that the other driver has doubtless bestowed upon me has worn off.

2 thoughts on “Skill and luck

  1. I am so totally impressed by your skill. If I didn’t trust you completely, I’d accuse you of getting 4 guys to pick Simon up and put him there.

  2. You’re taking after me and my Friday night escapade. Definitely not recommended behavoir. But at least you had “fun” racing around the rotery – I can’t say the same for my experience.

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