To Russia, with love

So I hadn’t posted anything about this because there was a (very very slight) chance that things wouldn’t work out, but:

I’m going to RUSSIA!

A friend found really cheap tickets from Boston to Moscow, and, since I had told her (as I tell everyone) that anytime she wanted to take a spontaneous international trip I would most likely be up for it, she called me. I was really surprised that Americans could go to Russia without making some kind of extra-special diplomat-level arrangements, but it’s actually rather simple now. We did have to apply for visas (the which necessitated contacting a member of my ex-husband’s family [trauma]), and I wasn’t sure they would come through, but as of Thursday we’re officially going. At this time in two weeks I’ll be in Moscow (!). We’ll only be there a few days, but we have what looks like a pretty good guidebook so we’ll get in some good sights. We also hope to see a Bolshoi ballet or opera (or, better, both).

So, I’ve been teaching myself to read the Russian alphabet. Right now I sound like a little kid sounding out words or Dora from Finding Nemo speaking whale (k-aaaa-k… v-aaaa-s-h-iii… d-y-eeee-lllll-aaaa) but it’s coming relatively quickly. I’m sure my pronunciation is terrible, but at least I’ll be able to read signs.

So, so excited.

4 thoughts on “To Russia, with love

  1. Hmmmmm….. if we contact your secret contact, do you think they can help Dan get a visa? He was blackballed from Russia and was so sad about it. Not as sad as I was, because he had already bought (non-refundable and useable only on international flight) tickets and made reservations and whatnot before he found out he could not get a visa. So instead of a wife-approved trip to the ol’ mish, he went to tour England with his dad and I was not happy. He will be jealous and I hope you have fun!

  2. Rebecca, did he try to go before 2004? I read that the rules became less strict a few years ago. He could go easily now (though it would mean leaving you with all the children, so “easily” may not be the correct word!); there are travel agencies that arrange everything.

    Does Dan have any recommendations in the MOCKBA (Moscow) area? Or are there any quintessentially Russian foods/things that we should eat/do?

  3. Bon voyage! (Sorry, not Russian I know, but not everyone can know the supreme language of French). 😉

    You might consider talking to Meredith M., she’s fluent in Russian and can help you learn some proper pronounciation.

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