Object lesson

So I had been planning to write about the Fishie-san lesson for a few days but hadn’t gotten around to it, when yesterday evening I received a round TUIT in an unexpected form. Microsoft has decided to outsource the editing that Entirenet has done for the past 10 years to China – which means I’ll have a job for one or two more months, but that’s it.

For once, I’m completely not freaked out. For the past few months I’ve had a strong feeling and have been counseled in a priesthood blessing that I don’t need to worry about my job or financial situation; I just wasn’t sure if that meant that I would keep my current job or that things would work out just fine even if I became a casualty of the economy. So now I know which one it is, lo cual me hace feliz. I’ve also been half-expecting this to happen for over a year, so the announcement, while a surprise in some respects, has left me with a feeling of relief rather than shock or stress. The shoe has dropped. And I’m OK.

One reason I’m not afraid is that free-lance editing jobs have been coming to me spontaneously for the past couple of years without any effort whatsoever of mine – I’ve done work for a company in Seattle, I’m about to start editing a friend’s doctoral thesis, and another friend has asked me to edit Web site text for her company. I spoke with an HBS professor (and emeritus General Authority) today, and he had a couple of good suggestions. A quick Google search yesterday turned up several websites of organizations who offer exactly the kind of editing services I can provide. And there will always be demand for help with master’s theses and essay applications.

So I feel like my next steps are to further investigate options and work on marketing. I have several ideas already and really feel like God is guiding me in this process. I honestly never thought I would be an entrepreneur – when I learned about them in eighth grade I wondered who would ever want to do something like that?! – but it seems God has had other plans in mind for me. I can see very clearly ways in which He has been preparing me for this situation over the past couple of years.

So, that’s it. I want to thank all of you for being such good friends (and/or relatives). I really value your love and support and hope that I can return to your life some of the blessings you’ve added to mine.

And: One really nice thing about this situation: I won’t have to carry around this 17-inch, 8-pound beast of a “laptop” anymore! I’m SO in the market for a tiny little netbook.

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  1. I am sorry that you will be job-less, in the typical way, but am excited about the other opportunities that you see coming up for you. I am amazed by your positive attitude and am wishing the best for you as you move forward.

    Also, I’m totally jealous of your recent international excursions.


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