Overdue (again)

I realize that my last posts seem to indicate that I’m still in Russia – the trip was only five days long, so we actually returned two weeks ago today. I (of course) want to write more about it but I (also of course) haven’t managed to do that yet. So, here are some highlights:

The Moscow Metro. Homicidal doors notwithstanding, it’s pretty much perfect. Trains come literally every 30 seconds in rush hour (we timed them) and every two minutes at other times – including late at night. This is why the doors are so adamant about closing on time; one slight delay could potentially mess up the system. So we never saw anyone making a mad dash for the metro, which was perhaps fortunate, because we saw…

Stilettos. Stilettos everywhere. In boot form or in regular shoe form, on uneven stone- or brick-paved plazas and walkways or on smooth sidewalks. None of the wearers seemed to have any trouble walking a-tall,  for which I deeply respect them in a horrified kind of way (the way I respect William Wallace for not begging for mercy when he was being disemboweled).

More to come soon (no, really!)…

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