Nightmare in calculus class

So I dreamed a while back that I was in a calculus class (shudder) and we had a test – and I hadn’t done a single homework problem or even stayed awake in class for a full period all year. Holy (and wholly) horrible. My genius older brother was also in the class (the star student, of course [this was not an unfounded fear, since we shared THREE classes my junior/his senior year {he was better at physics; we were equal in band; I was better at drama}]), as were a few other people with whom I got into an apocalyptic fight – and boy do I have a potty mouth in my dreams! I must be repressed.

One thought on “Nightmare in calculus class

  1. I’ve had dreams before where I’ve been in some really hard math class and ended up skipping all the classes before I realized the final was coming. Even worse, I actually registered once for a PE class I didn’t realize I’d gotten into–halfway through the semester it showed up on my ACT report and I had to hurry and drop it. The nightmare came true!

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