I choose faith… I choose faith…

Repeating it over and over because I’m kind of under siege am Moment. Usually when I’m in these moods I write something amusing – some of my favorite weblog posts have been written to distract myself in moments of frustration or ill temper or anxiety. I don’t like bothering or worrying people and I generally feel like my moods are my responsibility; if there’s something I don’t like in my life, I should try to fix it instead of griping about it. I also feel like I have enough coping mechanisms and healthy strategies that I shouldn’t succumb to these really minor cloudbursts. Plus there are lots of people whose problems are way worse than mine! … But maybe, as I reach for yet another spoonful of late-night comfort Nutella, I can raise a white flag and say it: I’m struggling. Prayers are appreciated. As are general positive thoughts sent in an East Coast direction.

3 thoughts on “I choose faith… I choose faith…

  1. don’t allow yourself to think that your problems are unimportant because someone has worse problems.

    we love you, and call when you need/want to.

  2. somehow I can’t see Nutella as a panacea for stress…most likely because I always head for the kitchen and whip up big batches of baked goods! I’ve heard ice cream can also be “helpful”, but it’s not something I’ve actually tried. Anyway, hope things get better soon, and we’re here if you need us.

  3. Agree with Dave. Your trials are important to you and (unsolicited opinion alert!) I really think it is good to give those who care about you an opportunity to serve you by listening to and supporting you. I’ve learned very recently that sometimes feeling needed can help one’s friends through their own hard times.

    Prayers and positive energy are heading in your direction. Call or email me if there is anything else I can do to help.

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