Make way for ducklings

As I was coming up to a green light on a really busy road* just a few minutes ago, I noticed that the car in the right lane hadn’t started moving yet. A few seconds later I realized why and hit the brakes: A family of ducks was making its way slowly across the road, completely indifferent to traffic and with webbed feet that seemed to be immune to the hot pavement (would that I had such feet). I came to a stop while the ducks meandered nonchalantly across the street, taking their sweet time, and waited, smiling, for them to cross. What a cute moment.

Speaking of cute moments, my (freaking AWESOME) landlord, who lives in the other side of our two-apartment house, had a big family barbecue party yesterday. There were lots of people of all ages (he said that at one time they had five generations out there) and they were all having such fun – the boys vs. girls beachball/volleyball game with the “referee” and spectators calling out comments, the Grillmaster who made my friends and me delicious hamburgers (they absolutely insisted even though we’d just come to say hi), the kids and adults splashing in and out of the pool, the kids in the giant inflatable bouncing house, the people milling around and socializing and laughing. Our landlord and his wife are pretty much the nicest and happiest people I’ve ever met, and I wonder at least once a day how we managed to luck out so thoroughly. It’s great to know there are such amazing and down-to-earth people in the world, and even better to get to spend time with them.

And speaking of amazing people, my very close friend SDY is in town for a few days. She is SO much fun! I hadn’t realized how uptight I’ve been feeling until she came and I suddenly felt like myself again. Would that she could find it in her heart to move back to Boston…

*Coming off Route 2 next to Alewife and turning right – an turn that, when the light is green, I usually take at about 40 mph).

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