Support should never be necessary

This is the beginning of a post from The Daily WTF. Visit the site (link handily provided in the previous sentence and at the end of the second paragraph) to read a few of the reports that the helpdesk staff submitted – they are nothing short of brilliant.

Not too long ago, the CTO at Dudley H.’s company had a startling revelation: there should never, ever be a need for technical support. If a client has an issue using one of their products, then the problem is most certainly in the product. Maybe the UI is a little confusing. Maybe it’s not documented enough. Maybe the documentation isn’t clear enough. Whatever the case, every client issue means that someone — be it the developer, tester, or helpdesk technician — didn’t do their job properly and should strive to improve themselves.

Of course, the counterargument to the CTO’s revelation, lobbied primarily by the helpdesk staff, was that many users are simply lazy, stupid, or lazy and stupid, and no amount of improvement could ever change that. Not that it mattered, though. The CTO was determined and set a new policy that all client issues were to have “problem/improvement” reports written about them, and that all reports were to be reviewed at the higest level. Being the loyal employees that they were, Dudley and his fellow helpdesk technicians began developing these reports.

2 thoughts on “Support should never be necessary

  1. all reports reviewed at the “higest” level, huh? but I quite relate to Dudley’s experience, having dealt with the PB public from time to time…

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