I’ve just been looking through some of my recent (or quasi-recent) posts, and HOLY COW my weblog is boring lately. Whither have ye gone, o interesting and witty posts of yestermonths? True, those were written in a more carefree time, but surely I have a few drops of clever left in me despite all the recent collisions with the adult version of reality. I would blame it all on the weather (yesterday was 86 degrees Fahrenheit and EIGHTY-NINE PERCENT HUMIDITY, which circumstance makes me want to invent a giant vacuum with which to banish all moisture and heat to the far reaches of outer space whilst I lie motionless beneath six industrial-strength and fully operational air conditioning units), but it’s actually been a pretty decent (read “cool”) summer thus far. Guess I’ll have to find another excuse. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. i blame the interweb gnomes. they steal all my funny posts and put them on sites that make lots of money off of my brilliant ideas.

    stupid gnomes

  2. a good farmer must allow the field to lie fallow for a time, that it might be more productive after resting…

  3. Hmm. I’ve definitely been letting the field lie fallow for a while, and plenty of fertilizer has been dumped in it…

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