Natural laws

So a phenomenon of nature has been taking place for the past few weeks here by my desk – I’m calling it the Law of Conservation of Gnats. You see, there is always exactly one gnat flitting around in my immediate vicinity. If I kill that gnat and go away for a time, there is always exactly one new gnat flitting around when I return to my desk. There are never two or more at the same time; it’s as if there’s a waiting room or on-deck circle somewhere, and the gnats are all patiently waiting for their turn to visit. Would that I could find the waiting room and a can of industrial strength Raid.

A few spiders have also noticed this phenomenon and have accordingly tried to set up shop in the area; I dispatched several of them to the afterworld yesterday. Fortunately they’re the really tiny ones – hardly bigger than the gnats themselves – or an exterminator and I would be getting acquainted right about now.

2 thoughts on “Natural laws

  1. Hem, hem…not to freak you out or anything but I just took a shower with one of those spiders from the waiting room this morning. Unfortunately, IT was NOT the size of a gnat…more like the size of a quarter.

    Rather than consent to give him a quick death, I decided to prolong his suffering by waterlogging him first and then washing him down the sewer drain with pumpkin smelling shampoo suds! At least he’ll smell nice in the afterworld…

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