Gallupping, part two

So, writtenwithstyle was far and away the winner – which is great, ‘cuz that was one of my favorites. However, a friend of mine pointed out that it would be helpful to also have a URL that’s very clearly oriented toward school applicants, most of whom are much more interested in getting into school than learning to write*. So I have the following additional selection:

Let the voting begin!

*I should clarify: The ultimate long-term goal is to become a writing instructor, whether I’m teaching people through essay editing or tutoring one-on-one or in small groups. Right now I’m concentrating on essays because it’s essay season; after the deadlines have passed, I want to do more tutoring. In the meantime, I also want to edit resumes and cover letters.

6 thoughts on “Gallupping, part two

  1. I like the best; the name is positive, with a sense of achievement in it. Dreamschooladmit is a close second. These are all good. Good luck!–timo


    Although to up the number of searches in which you come up, you might want to do admittanceessays

  3. I like it would work well with taglines like “Your TICKET to the top of the class” or something. I can visualize a mass of people crowded in front of the university gates (not that universities have gates), trying to get in, and the smart kid is riding on a big carnival ticket labeled “Admit One” like a magic carpet over the gate and into the school. It would help if the smart kid had his sparkly application in his hand, too, and the unwashed masses had their grungy applications raised over their heads with their sad little faces.

    Okay so I have an overactive imagination.

  4. Thanks – you guys are awesome! (Especially you, Brad – wish that fantastic imagination ran in the famdambily. [Oh, wait. I guess it does.])

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